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Wednesday, February 21

Welcome & Introduction
Opening Prayer and Welcome — Petuuche Gilbert
Welcome — Senator Tom Udall (Letter)
Introduction – Subhankar Banerjee

Multispecies Solidarity
Maria Williams, David Solomon, Allison Akootchook Warden
Moderator: Kymberly Pinder, Dean, College of Fine Arts, UNM

Climate Breakdown?
Ken Tape, David Gutzler
Moderator: William Pockman, Professor and Chair, Department of Biology, UNM

Protecting the Sacred Place Where Life Begins
Sarah James, Ken Whitten, Vicki Clarke
Moderator: Michael Dax, Defenders of Wildlife, New Mexico                                             

Rights of Nature
Nicole Whittington-Evans, Debbie Miller, Jeff Fair
Moderator: Mary Tsiongas, Associate Dean of Faculty, College of Fine Arts, UNM

Alaska and Beyond
Stephen Brown, Finis Dunaway
Moderator: Joseph Cook, Professor, Department of Biology, UNM

Next North
Julie Decker, Brian Adams, Marek Ranis
Moderator: Arif Khan, Director, UNM Art Museum

Protecting Our Seas and Coastal Communities
Melanie Smith, Rick Steiner, Rosemary Ahtuangaruak
Moderator: Samuel Truett, Associate Professor, Department of History, UNM

Truth to Power
Joel Clement, Pamela Miller, Robert Thompson
Moderator: Traci Quinn, Curator of Education and Public Programs, UNM Art Museum

Act Now!
Bernadette Demientieff, Monica Scherer

Rise of The Red Nation
Melanie Yazzie, Nick Estes, Cheyenne Antonio, Jennifer Marley
Moderator: Jennifer Nez Denetdale, Associate Professor, American Studies, UNM